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Compliance is a central topic for us as a Transmission System Operator. We are aware of our special responsibility towards the public and we believe that it is of utmost importance that our management and employees act responsibly and adhere to legal stipulations at all times.


The Energy Industry Act (German: EnWG) has set out specific obligations for Independent Transmission System Operators (German: UTB) regarding

  • independence from vertically  integrated utility companies
  • the non-discriminatory structure and processing of network operation and
  • the confidentiality of economically relevant information. 

Terranets bw has integrated binding measures for the implementation of these legal stipulations into its non-discrimination programme and these measures have been communicated to all our employees. 

Mr. Alexander Menges has been appointed Officer for Non-Discrimination Policies and is responsible for independently monitoring the programme. 

Mr. Menges has been granted comprehensive rights and means to ensure, among other things, that the structure and processing of our network operation is non-discriminatory at all times. As Officer for Non-Discrimination Policies he will monitor compliance with the programme, give recommendations for further development of the programme and will regularly report, in particular in an annual report, to the regulatory authorities.

Alexander Menges
Unbundling Compliance Officer
Am Wallgraben 135, 70565 Stuttgart

TEL +49 (0) 711 7812-1312

FAX+49 (0) 711 7812-3124

Corporate Compliance

Corporate compliance, that is the adherence to statutory stipulations and internal corporate guidelines, considerably contributes to the success of our company. Our Behavioural Codex summarises the most important corporate policies, principles and standards of terranets bw and it is expected that all our employees are familiar with this codex. The codex gives orientation regarding the fundamental ethical and legal obligations of terranets bw´s employees and grants them a certainty that they are behaving correctly. 

The Behavioural Codex is specified further by corporate guidelines and instructions. This internal rules manual helps all departments, managers and employees to behave in a responsible and legally correct manner.

Detlef Brickenstein
Corporate Compliance Officer
Am Wallgraben 135, 70565 Stuttgart

TEL+49 (0) 711 7812-1422