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We transport your natural gas

terranets bw GmbH is a Transmission System Operator (TSO) for natural gas in Baden-Württemberg. More than two thirds of the towns and communities in Baden-Württemberg are connected to our grid. This means that around 7 million people in Baden-Württemberg benefit from our natural gas transmission. At the same time, we transport natural gas to Switzerland, Vorarlberg and to the Principality of Liechtenstein. We have been continually developing our natural gas transmission pipelines for over 50 years and thus play an important role in ensuring the highest level of security of supply.

Connection to
international pipelines

Baden-Württemberg lies at the heart of Europe and is connected to many transnational natural gas pipelines. This means we transport natural gas from Norway, the Netherlands and Russia through our transmission system. We are connected to other pipeline systems via supply points.

Proportion of natural gas transmission from upstream pipeline systems

Russia and others

7%: Germany
Source: BDEW Gaszahlen 2017

We keep it flowing:
Our natural gas pipelines

The terranets bw transmission system has an approx. length of 2000 km. This is almost twice the length of the motorway system in Baden-Württemberg (1020 km). In contrast to our motorway system, our pipelines are invisbile. They lie under the ground at a depth of about 1m 20cm.

Along each side of the pipeline, there is a safety area of up to 5 m, the so-called protective strip. It is forbidden to build or dig in this area without our permission.

Precision & Know-How: Laying a natural gas pipeline

Planning, constructing and operating a high-pressure gas pipeline requires years of experience – terranets bw has that experience

We keep the pressure on your natural gas

In order to transport natural gas throughout the whole of Baden-Württemberg, the gas has to be continually pushed. This is achieved using compressors.

The compressor station presses the natural gas molecules close together with the help of turbines and in this way achieves a higher pressure. This subsequently enables us to transport the natural gas over long distances. For example, from Ulm to Lake Constance.

Energy for innovation

Baden-Württemberg is known for its high level of economic innovation and performance. Daimler, Bosch, SAP, Porsche, Würth, Trumpf among others belong today to some of the biggest and most successful companies in the world – their products and services are market leaders worldwide.

The numerous medium-sized and smaller companies are also cornerstones of the economy in Baden-Württemberg, which boasts the highest number of patents per inhabitant.

Measured against the gross domestic product and compared to Europe, the South West of Germany is the biggest investor in research and development. And in no other EU region do so many people work in the high-tech industry.

Natrual gas, as an environmentally-friendly source of energy, makes a significant contribution to the success of Baden-Württemberg.

Natural gas consumption in Baden-Württemberg in 2014 expressed as a percentage,
Source: Quelle: Statistisches Landesamt (District Statistical Office) Baden-Württemberg,
Energiebericht 2016 für Baden-Württemberg