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What we can do for you

We support energy suppliers, grid operators and industrial companies from the planning stage and construction of networks and plants through operation and maintenance to monitoring. Our state-certified engineers inspect your plants, write expert opinions and train your employees. If you temporarily need technical equipment, you can lease this from us. In everything we do for you, we are committed to providing the highest possible quality. That is why our customers trust us.


For over five decades, we have been operating high-pressure gas pipelines and equipment. Security of supply for our customers can only be guaranteed when pipelines and equipment are operated efficiently.

This is why only qualified experts take care of the operation and maintenance for terranets bw. They know the complicated equipment down to the last detail and are also informed about the relevant safety measures. Our qualified employees can be relied upon in all matters concerning maintenance of high-pressure gas pipelines, gas power stations through to gas stations. Many grid operators, utility companies, gas station operators and industrial companies already benefit from our experience and know-how.

Datasheet Maintenance of stations (PDF in German language)

Datasheet Maintenance of metering stations (PDF in German language)


Our portfolio

  • Testing of high-pressure gas pipelines
  • Maintenance of gas pressure control and measuring systems in accordance with DVGW regulations
  • Auditing and maintenance of metering equipment

Planning & Construction

The construction of high-pressure gas equipment with its complexity is a challenge even for experienced engineers. We offer you a comprehensive service.

Our specialists support you through the planning, construction and monitoring phases. They guarantee efficient technical processes and take care of project coordination as well as compliance with all legal stipulations. Our aim: to find the perfect solution for every customer – from project launch to commissioning stage.

Because we work independently of any specific manufacturer, we always give you the best offer. For our customers – only the best is good enough.

Data sheet planning & construction (PDF in German language)

Our portfolio

  • Planning and invitation for tender for gas pressure control and measuring equipment as well as pipelines
  • Construction control and commissioning of gas pressure control and gas pressure measuring equipment as well as pipelines
  • Documentation of gas and metering equipment and systems

Grid monitoring & control

Grid operation – the monitoring and control of gas pipeline systems – belongs to our core competences. Maximum quality, absolute safety and one hundred per cent availability are decisive factors in our work. Our customers benefit from this day in day out. We are a reliable partner for gas supply, energy data management and for the monitoring and control of grids. Our experts guarantee the highest degree of efficiency and round the clock safety, every day.

Data sheet gas pipeline control (PDF in German language)

Data sheet grid services (PDF in German language)

Our portfolio

  • Control and remote-monitoring of grids and equipment
  • Dispatching Centre and Emergency Hotline staffed 24/7
  • Data transmission with registering capacity metering to the Dispatching Centre of gas traders

Mobile equipment


Making changes to a control station, extending a pipeline system or breakdown of a gas station can lead to delivery interruptions. To ensure that this does not happen to you or us, we have a large selection of mobile control stations and spare parts at our disposal. In this way, we secure your gas supply – no matter what happens.Our specialists react quickly and provide you with the relevant equipment. They support and help you with the planning and commissioning of mobile equipment.

Data sheet Mobile equipment (PDF in German language)

Our portfolio

  • Transportable metering and control systems
  • Pig traps
  • Natural gas filters
  • Pipeline connections and bridges

Consultancy & Training


You receive comprehensive, practical and independent consultancy and training for all topics connected with natural gas from qualified and experienced engineers specialised in high-pressure gas equipment. These specialists were certified by the German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water (German: Deutscher Verein für das Gas- und Wasserfach – DVGW) and recognised by the energy regulatory authorities. Among other things, they have to provide qualification credentials regularly.

On request, we provide training in all regulations and legal stipulations and support you in all phases of your projects – also at your location, if required.

Data sheet Consultancy & Training (PDF in German language)

Our portfolio

  • Planning consultancy in all phases of the project
  • Energy consultancy with focus on gas
  • Training in all topics connected with gas
  • Training in all legal stipulations and DVGW regulations

Inspection & Evaluation


We optimise reliability and availability and secure the quality of networks, products and services. Our DVGW tested and certified engineers work independently. They advise, inspect and write expert opinions.

In addition, terranets bw operates a state-recognised "Test Centre for Metering Equipment for Gas (GA2)". Here we run pre-tests of your metering equipment, commission the equipment officially and calibrate all equipment on site or in our test lab. We monitor calibration deadlines, commission gas metering stations, measure dew point and draw up gas analyses for you in our lab.

Data sheet Inspection & evaluation (PDF in German language)

Data sheet Test Centre (PDF in German language)

Our portfolio

  • Creation of technical expert opinions related to gas
  • Calibration of volume conversion devices
  • Calibration of capacity measuring and registering devices
  • Official monitoring measures in Baden-Württemberg and Bayern


terranets bw now provides you with the opportunity to simply and securely digitalise your internal ordering / reserve capacity processes in accordance with the respectively valid Cooperation Agreement Gas (KoV).

Let´s connect. With our new product ConnectCapacity, we offer you an innovative customer portal based on blockchain technology. Run your business processes conveniently and efficiently, and connect with your customers. Tailored to your individual needs, your data is available to you 24/7. 

The blockchain technology deployed guarantees that your stored data is immutable. With ConnectCapacity, you digitalise your core processes and simultaneously create added value for your customers. A high-performance cloud infrastructure and a constantly synchronised, distributed database additionally ensure a highly available system architecture. Feel free to contact us.  


  • Processing of internal orders and reserve capacities according to KoV
  • Cloud hosting or hosting in a data centre of your choice 
  • Setting up and implementation
  • Maintenance and support 
  • Digital and audit-compliant 
  • Increased efficiency 
  • Advisory services
  • Joint product development / system development and enhancement

IT Services



You are on the safe side with us. We operate and support your server landscape: from hardware to virtualisation and operating systems to application. Put your trust in our experts when you wish to create concepts, implement data storage systems and monitor them.
Our mission is to provide individual IT services and to ensure a high availability for your IT systems. To achieve this goal, we use state-of-the-art hardware of renowned manufacturers. As your regional partner with many years of experience, we develop tailored solutions and, with our flexible approach, we support you to operate your IT systems securely.

Our portfolio

  • Provision of server capacity in the data centers of terranets bw
  • PaaS - Platform as a Service
  • BaaS - Backup as a Service
  • Application Managed Services
  • Hosting

Administrative Services

We are happy to support you in administrative tasks such as purchasing & material procurement, insurance management, vehicle service and other services. An overview is provided in our product data sheet "Administrative Services". Please contact us, we are happy to make an offer based on your enquiry.