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Connecting our customers across
Baden-Württemberg and worldwide

Our high-pressure gas pipeline is monitored and controlled via our high-performance communication infrastructure – this means we have an accurate overview of our network and transmission flows at all times. We use high-quality fiber optic cables, which can also be leased by our customers. 

As an infrastructure provider we guarantee trouble-free, efficient network operation in Baden-Württemberg.

Your advantages

  • Pure fiber optic technology in excellent long-distance performance quality
  • Guaranteed top-speed bandwidths 
  • Symmetrical bandwidths 
  • 10 GBit/s connection as basis
  • 24/7 monitoring

You too can take advantage of our fiber optic data cables: in addition to cables needed for our own purposes we also provide high-speed data lines available for leasing by third parties. With our approximately 2000 km long fiber optic cable network, we connect you not only within Baden-Württemberg but also to the worldwide Internet.

Top speed
with terranets bw

With terranets bw you transmit your data at top speed. How fast is our data connection? Test your data speed with our SPEED TEST.

Execute speedtest now
The bandwidth of your Internet connection can never be determined to 100% because there are too many other influencing factors. These factors include e.g. the capacity utilisation of the measuring server and the current capacity utilisation of your network. Test results can also depend on the end device. Also the type of connection, for example Wi-Fi or Bluetooth can affect the results. During the test, you should not visit any other websites or download! Please close all background programs, therefore, such as e-mail or other web browsers in order to prevent any interference during the test phase.

Your speedtest results

Repeat speedtest
17,3 Mbit/s
4,8 Mbit/s
1,2 s
Your download speed is 23% under the maximum speed of 21 Mbit/s which you can reach with terraconnect.
Your upload speed reaches only 13% of the speed of our product terraconnect.
Your PING time is 0,4.

With a comparable terranets bw connection your internet connection speed would be faster. In particular, you would benefit from a faster upload.

More about terraconnect

Your data transmission
is safer with us

Our fiber optic cables are located within the protective strip of our gas grid – an especially secured and safe area along our gas transmission pipelines. This means that our fiber optic network infrastructure has an extremely high operational reliability because natural gas pipelines require the highest standards of safety. Your benefit: fewer downtimes.

Regular network flight inspections along our pipeline routes ensure the highest degree of security and safety for our customers.


Decades of experience in fiber optic data transmission – terranets bw has it


The availability of wide-coverage, top-speed Internet in the whole of Baden-Württemberg is a decisive economic factor for the future development of cities and communities – also outside large urban areas. Infrastructure for rural areas – made by terranets bw.

As an infrastructure provider, we invest in a fast and flexible fiber optic cable network and thus in sustainable high-speed connections for Baden-Württemberg.

Fast and redundant data connections on the highest level of security are an important argument for utility companies and local energy companies, both for attractive new business developments with local commercial and industrial companies and for business parks and industrial estates.


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