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Working at terranets bw

We live energy. As a transmission system operator, we stand for the secure and reliable supply of natural gas – 24/7. With approximately 300 employees at nine locations in Baden-Württemberg and Hesse, we transport gas from Lower Saxony to Lake Constance. 

As an infrastructure provider, we also guarantee trouble-free operation of telecommunication networks in Baden-Württemberg. Running parallel to our gas transmission grid, our fibre optic network forms the basis of a digital infrastructure for high-speed networks. 

We have our sights set on the future. After phasing out coal and nuclear energy, successful implementation of the energy transition will depend on a secure energy supply. This is ensured by the reliable supply of gas that is available even when no wind is blowing and the sun is not shining. And because of rising demand for gas transmission in the next years, we are extensively developing our transmission grid. 

In the long term, we will use the existing transmission infrastructure to transport green gases. Today already, we are actively working on the transformation of the energy system and are preparing our grid for conversion to hydrogen. We are thus making a significant contribution to a CO2-neutral supply of energy.



new colleagues
on board since 2015

employee tenure

From the region for the region. We provide our employees with interesting and challenging tasks that have relevance for Baden-Württemberg and Hesse. And because we know that our employees are our most important asset, you benefit from individual development and training opportunities and an attractive employment package. 

We are the right employer for you if you are curious about the energy industry and want to make a difference. You also find a dynamic working environment just as important as a secure job in a system-relevant company? 
Then join us in shaping the energy transition. 

Discover advantages

We offer our employees a wide range of benefits such as flexible working hours, a modern office, modern equipment or company health promotion policy. These benefits are just examples from our complete portfolio and can vary from location to location, also depending on the workplace and position.

Work-life balance

Flexible working hours, mobile working as well as individual part-time models support you in balancing your professional and private life. In addition to this, we offer you not only a collectively agreed 39-hour working week and 30 days holiday, but also special leave for certain private circumstances.

Crisis-proof employment

You can count on us. As an operator of critical infrastructure, we are a system-relevant company and offer you a safe job in a sustainable industry.

Salary and benefits

Your performance pays off: in addition to 13 salaries, you regularly receive collectively agreed salary increases and capital-forming benefits. There are also additional bonus, premium and performance-based systems.

A modern workplace

At the location in Stuttgart, you can expect modern, ergonomic and air-conditioned workplaces. We provide our employees with a laptop and mobile telephone for mobile working. Our technical employees also receive free, personal protective equipment along with modern tools and devices.

Development and training

We promote your professional and personal development by offering tailored further education opportunities. Our digital learning platform is always available and offers various options. In an annual appraisal, manager and employee discuss your work situation and further development. Our onboarding programme supports you in the first months.

Company pension

To ensure your future is well provided for, you will receive a company pension. In addition to this, you can choose to improve your pension through additional voluntary contributions.

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Accident insurance and sickness benefit

We take care of you. For every employee, we conclude an insurance for occupational and non-occupational accidents. In the event of illness, we provide financial security through a collectively agreed sick pay allowance.

Workplace health programmes

Your health is important for us, which is why we offer our employees workplace health promotion. Take advantage of our company health service and stay fit with subsidised health courses. 

Enjoy your meal!

In addition to freshly prepared meals in our company restaurant in Stuttgart, you benefit from free water, tea and coffee. 
Employees not working in the headquarters in Stuttgart receive a meal allowance.


We subsidise the costs of travel by private car, motorbike or bicycle. As protecting our climate is important for us, we especially incentivise the use of public transport. We also provide free parking at our locations.

Join us in shaping the company

Within the framework of our Ideas Management, you have the opportunity of bringing your own new impulses into the company. In company-wide cultural dialogues, everyone is invited to actively shape the company culture. Regular surveys identify satisfaction levels and perceptions related to topics like processes and cooperation.

Corporate events

A good and cooperative working atmosphere matters to us very much. Shared activities are part of this, which is why there are various annual events every year such as the office trip and Christmas dinner where we all come together.

In action every day

Our committed and highly qualified employees are in action every day to guarantee a stable and reliable energy supply. Together, we make a significant contribution to the security of supply in our region. And this makes us proud.

What we do

Together, we guarantee the trouble-free and reliable supply of gas from Lower Saxony to Lake Constance. On site, our employees take care of the maintenance and development of our gas and telecommunication network, continually keeping in line with demand. 

You want to make a difference? Then you have come to the right place. Discover the broad range of tasks at our headquarters in Stuttgart and eight more locations in Baden-Württemberg and Hesse: as an engineer, fitter, technician, with technical or business administration focus, in one of our technical plants, out in our region or in the office. 

Headquarters in Stuttgart

Approximately 150 employees work at our headquarters in the state capital Stuttgart. From here, we control and monitor our transmission system from Lower Saxony to Lake Constance. Our employees ensure that our network projects run smoothly – from design engineering to implementation. This involves cross-divisional teams such as purchasing, IT, finance and HR management. Engineers, lawyers, graduates in business administration and economics, additional experts from various fields and generalists work hand-in-hand at terranets bw. Together, the teams make a substantial contribution to ensuring our company is well positioned for the future - both strategically and operationally.

Location in Frankfurt am Main

Around 30 employees are working at our location in Frankfurt am Main. Our colleagues are responsible for technical measures in the network area from Lower Saxony to Hesse. In addition to this, colleagues of various cross-divisional departments such as IT and finance work together with colleagues based at the Stuttgart location in cross-site teams.

Telecommunication location in Tachenhausen near Kirchheim unter Teckk

We are working at top speed. Our 15-strong team at the Tachenhausen location near Kirchheim unter Teck is responsible for our extensive fibre optic network. With state-of-the-art technology, we monitor and control the safe operation of our gas transmission system. Our customers trust in the reliable automation and transmission technology of terranets bw to control their energy grids and together we develop tailored broadband solutions for the market.

Our technical facilities

Doing our best for you: our employees guarantee the trouble-free operation of our gas transmission system and of our technical systems at six facilities in Baden-Württemberg. Mechanics, mechatronics engineers and electricians work together in teams at our technical facilities. These teams are responsible for monitoring and maintaining supply stations, control systems and gas transfer stations, our compressor systems and for maintaining the pipes and pipeline network. 
The gas industry is new for you? No problem. We provide specialist training programmes and a comprehensive induction. 

Technical facility: Scharenstetten near Ulm

Our Scharenstetten facility is located at the edge of the Swabian Alb. Since 1988, one of our two gas compressor stations – an important hub in our transmission system ensures that gas can be transported from Ulm to Liechtenstein and Vorarlberg. The team of roughly 20 persons is responsible for maintaining and monitoring our gas compressor system, around 600 kilometres of transmission system, 3 supply stations, 42 gas and transfer stations and 8 control plants from Heidenheim to the Austrian border. 

Technical facility: Blankenloch near Karlsruhe

Our Blankenloch facility, with one of our two compressor stations, is located in the northwest of Baden-Württemberg. Compressing gas means that it can be transported over longer distances. The gas compressor station thus guarantees a secure gas supply in the whole of West Baden-Württemberg. Around 20 employees are responsible for the trouble-free operation of the gas compressor station, about 400 kilometres of gas transmission system, 50 transfer and 4 supply stations as well as maintaining numerous natural gas fuel stations from Hessen to Baden-Baden and from Karlsruhe to Neckarsulm. 

Technical facility: Satteldorf near Crailsheim

The team located at the Satteldorf facility ensures the trouble-free operation of our gas transmission system from Neckarsulm via Crailsheim to Heidenheim. About 10 technical fitters monitor and maintain roughly 260 kilometres of gas pipelines, 45 control stations and 25 natural gas fuel stations.

Technical facility: Weier near Offenburg

Around 10 employees located at the Weier facility in West Baden-Württemberg perform the necessary maintenance and conversion works along our transmission system: at stations, technical systems as well as natural gas fuel stations from Baden-Baden to the Swiss border. In addition to this, the team also takes care of our central warehouse, which stores the material needed for maintenance and repair works on the pipelines and valve groups in the terranets bw transmission system.

Technical facility: Sandhausen near Heidelberg

Our 5 employees at the Sandhausen facility ensure the trouble-free operation of our underground gas storage facility. Repairs and maintenance works are carried out on site by our team, which is specially trained in underground storage facility technology. terranets bw is the only transmission system operator in Germany to use an underground storage facility in its grid.

Technical facility: Deißlingen near Rottweil

The team of 10 employees at the Deißlingen site near Rottweil is responsible for all maintenance and conversion works on our transmission system as well as for supporting and maintaining natural gas fuel stations from Stuttgart to Lake Constance. Our employees thus guarantee the reliable supply of gas in the south of Baden-Württemberg.