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We ensure a reliable supply – from Lower Saxony to Lake Constance.

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Our fibre optics network provides a telecommunications infrastructure with strong broadband performance.

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We are preparing our networks for the transmission of climate-neutral, green gases and hydrogen.

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As an operator of critical gas supply infrastructure, we would like to inform you about the current situation. 

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We are committed to connecting Baden-Württemberg to the European hydrogen infrastructure.

Emergency no. +49 711 7812 1220

Hazardous Incident Ordinance info. for Sandhaus Gas Storage Facility & Natural Gas Safety Data Sheet


What we do

Together, we ensure the efficient and reliable supply of gas from Lower Saxony to Lake Constance. On site, our employees take care of the maintenance and demand-driven development of our gas and telecommunications network.

Do you want to make a difference? Then you have come to the right place. Discover the variety of tasks in our headquarters in Stuttgart and nine other sites in Baden-Württemberg and Hesse: as engineer, fitter, forman, technician, with a technical or business focus, in one of our technical plants, doing field work in our region or in the office.

Our headquarters in Stuttgart

Roughly 150 employees work at our headquarters in Stuttgart, our state capital. From here, we control and monitor our transmission network from Lower Saxony to Lake Constance. Our employees ensure that our network development projects run efficiently – from design planning to implementation. And also the cross-divisional teams such as purchasing, IT, finance and HR management are based here.

Engineers, lawyers, business administrators and economists, further experts for various specialist topics and generalists, all work hand in hand at our company. Together, the teams make a significant contribution to shaping both the strategic and operative course of our company, making sure that we are well positioned for the future.

Our site Frankfurt am Main

About 30 employees are based at our site in Frankfurt am Main. Our colleagues here are responsible for technical measures in the network area from Lower Saxony to Hesse. There are also colleagues working in various cross-divisional functions such as IT and finance, who work together in a team with colleagues from the Stuttgart site.

Telecommunications site in Tachenhausen near Kirchheim unter Teck

We work at top speed. Our 15-strong team at the Tachenhausen site near Kirchheim unter Teck is responsible for our comprehensive fibre optics network. With state-of-the-art technology, we monitor and control the secure operation of our gas transmission system. Our customers trust in terranets bw´s reliable automation and transmission technology to control their energy grids. Together, we develop tailored broadband solutions for the market.

Our site Scharenstetten near Ulm

Our Scharenstetten site is located on the edge of the Swabian Alb. Since 1988, one of our three gas compressor stations - an important nodal point in our transmission system - ensures that gas can be shipped from Ulm to Liechtenstein and Vorarlberg. About 20 employees are responsible for maintaining and monitoring our gas compressor system, about 600 kilometres of transmission system, 3 supply stations, 42 gas and transfer stations and 8 control systems from Heidenheim to the Austrian border.

Our site Blankenloch near Karlsruhe

Our site in Blankenloch with one of our three gas compressor stations is located in the northwest of Baden-Württemberg. By compressing gas, it can be transported over long distances. The gas compressor station thus ensures a secure supply of gas for the whole western region of Baden-Württemberg.

Roughly 20 employees are responsible for the efficient operation of the gas compressor system, about 400 kilometres of gas transmission system, 50 transfer stations and 4 supply stations as well as for maintaining numerous natural gas fuel stations from Hesse to Baden-Baden and from Karlsruhe to Neckarsulm.

Our site Rheinstetten near Karlsruhe

Our site in Rheinstetten with one of our three gas compressor stations is located near Karlsruhe. The gas compressor station in Rheinstetten increases the pressure of the gas that is transported to the greater Stuttgart area. The plant serves to stabilize the gas supply in Baden-Württemberg. The facility is anchored in the national gas network development plan, which includes all measures required to ensure security of supply in Germany. You can find out more about the construction of the gas compressor station here.

Once the plant has been commissioned, around five employees will ensure its smooth operation and maintenance.

Our site Satteldorf near Crailsheim

The employees located at the operating facility in Satteldorf ensure the efficient operation of our gas transmission system from Neckarsulm via Crailsheim to Heidenheim. Roughly 10 fitters monitor and maintain about 260 kilometres of gas pipelines, 45 control systems and 25 natural gas fuel stations.

Our site Sandhausen near Heidelberg

5 employees located at the operating facility in Sandhausen ensure the efficient operation of our underground storage facility for gas. Maintenance and repair work are carried out on site by our colleagues, who are specifically trained in underground storage technology. terranets bw is the only transmission system operator in Germany to operate an underground storage facility in its transmission network. 

Our site Weier near Offenburg

Around 10 employees at the Weier site carry out all the necessary repair works and conversion measures along our transmission system in the west of Baden-Württemberg: at stations, technical plants as well as natural gas fuel stations from Baden-Baden to the Swiss border. This team also takes care of our central warehouse, which stores material for maintenance and repair works on pipelines and valve groups in the transmission network of terranets bw.

Our site Deißlingen near Rottweil

10 employees at the Deißlingen site near Rottweil are responsible for all repair and conversion works on our transmission system as well as for maintaining and providing technical support for natural gas fuel stations from Stuttgart to Lake Constance. Our colleagues thus ensure the reliable supply of gas in the south of Baden-Württemberg.

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