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The future of energy

We are preparing our networks for the transmission of climate-neutral, green gases and hydrogen.

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As an operator of critical gas supply infrastructure, we would like to inform you about the current situation. 

Hydrogen initiative for BW

We are committed to connecting Baden-Württemberg to the European hydrogen infrastructure.

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Our networks: The future of energyOur networks: The future of energy

The future of energy

We are securing the supply of energy. Today and tomorrow.

Germany is on its way to climate neutrality by the year 2045, for Baden-Württemberg this will be achieved by 2040. terranets bw is part of this transformation and is an important companion in this process – thanks to our powerful transmission infrastructure.

The natural gas we are shipping today is building an important bridge into the future of energy supply. Today already, we are thus guaranteeing security of supply during the energy transition.

This can also be seen in steadily rising demand: our customers – regional suppliers, power stations and industry – are reporting a strongly increasing demand for natural gas shipping capacity.

From 2030 at the latest, our gas infrastructure will be playing an essential role in transporting hydrogen and climate neutral, green gases.

Natural gas as a bridge into a new era

By 2030, demand for natural gas shipping capacities will be one quarter higher than the demand today. This increase will even be over 30 percent in Baden-Württemberg. 

The region needs natural gas as a bridge into a new era of climate neutral energy supply. This means, for example, that gas-fired power stations will be gaining more and more significance for achieving system stability in the electricity grid. 

To make sure that much more gas can be simultaneously shipped to customers in the grid in the year 2032 than today, we are developing our infrastructure in line with growing demand – and on top of this, "H2 ready". This means designed to transport green gases such as hydrogen.

To our network development projects

Our gas infrastructure: essential for the energy transition

In order to successfully implement the energy transition and to guarantee our citizens and our industry a secure supply of energy also in the future, not only further development of renewable energy sources is required but also a powerful gas infrastructure. By reliably transmitting natural gas, we are securing the electricity and heat supply during the phase-out of coal and nuclear energy.

In future, terranets bw´s gas infrastructure will be ready for transporting climate neutral, green gases and hydrogen.

The hydrogen network of the future

In order to gradually ensure a supply of hydrogen on a national level by 2030, German transmission system operators have developed a visionary hydrogen network. Gas pipelines that are currently used for shipping natural gas are at the core of this concept and will then be converted to transport hydrogen. An efficient and sustainable solution, reducing the costly construction of a new hydrogen infrastructure.

We are bringing hydrogen to

"Hydrogen for Baden-Württemberg" initiative

The goal is big. And we can only reach it together: in the medium term, hydrogen - a climate neutral and supply-securing source of energy with the ability to couple sectors - will already become a significant pillar in the energy of the future. To pursue this aim requires decisive action today – from all of us. terranets bw is committed to connecting Baden-Württemberg to the German and European hydrogen infrastructure with its initiative "H2 for BW".

More at

Growing demand for hydrogen in Baden-Württemberg

Within the scope of a hydrogen market survey, more than 50 demand forecasts from distribution system operators, utility companies, power stations and companies from the whole of Baden-Württemberg have reached us. They show that the anticipated demand for hydrogen will grow dramatically from 2030 – in particular, in the Rhein-Neckar and greater Stuttgart regions. By 2032, a capacity of approx. 12 GW is forecast, by 2040 16.8 GW and finally almost 20 GW in the year 2050.

Conversion of first pipeline sections

The planning for gradually converting the first pipeline sections to transport hydrogen has already begun: the South German natural gas pipeline (SEL) should supply hydrogen to the Rhein-Neckar and greater Stuttgart areas from 2030. The Danube-Lake Constance pipeline (DOB) in the Tübingen administrative district and in the eastern Lake Constance region should also be ready for H2 transport from 2035. Due to our transparency when presenting our projects, we create plannability for potential buyers, upstream grid operators and potential producers.

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Here are a few of our commitments and
initiatives for the future of energy

Partner for the dena pilot study
"Towards Climate Neutrality"

Together with more than ten scientific institutes, over 70 companies and a 45-member advisory board with experts from science, politics and society, the Germany Energy Agency (dena) has defined fields of actions and solution pathways to achieve climate neutrality in Germany by 2045. A total of 84 tasks in central fields of action were developed. The sectors included in the study were energy, buildings, industry and traffic.

terranets bw contributed to this study as a partner, predominantly in the energy module.

More at

FNB Gas Association

In a cross-network cooperation with supra-regional gas transmission companies in Germany, we are working on the development of a hydrogen infrastructure, among other things. The FNB Gas association promotes the exchange of information between experts and further development, while at the same time it serves as a point of contact for politicians and the public.

More at

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Christoph Luschnat

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Hartmut Drosch

Overall Responsible for Network Development
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