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We are preparing our networks for the transmission of climate-neutral, green gases and hydrogen.

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As an operator of critical gas supply infrastructure, we would like to inform you about the current situation. 

Hydrogen initiative for BW

We are committed to connecting Baden-Württemberg to the European hydrogen infrastructure.

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Hazardous Incident Ordinance info. for Sandhaus Gas Storage Facility & Natural Gas Safety Data Sheet

terranets bw: Gas networkterranets bw: Gas network

We transport your gas.
Independently and securely. 

The gas pipeline of terranets bw is around 2,700 kilometres long and extends from Lower Saxony to Lake Constance. As an independent transmission system operator, we thus ensure a non-discriminatory supply of gas. Many towns and communities in Baden-Württemberg and Hesse as well as parts of Switzerland, Vorarlberg and the Principality of Liechtenstein are connected to the pipeline network of terranets bw.

We have been operating our gas transmission system since 1961. And because demand in our network is steadily rising, we have been constantly developing our network ever since. Ensuring the highest level of supply security.

2750 km
entry points
network interconnection points
gas compressor stations

Well connected in Europe

Our gas transmission system is located in the heart of Europe and is connected across our borders into the Alpine region with numerous transnational gas pipelines.

45 entry points bring gas from the transmission systems of other transmission system operators. Around 300 network interconnection points directly connect approximately 60 grid operators and 23 industrial customers to our high-pressure gas network.

And cross-border interconnection points in the region of Lake Constance and Basel also connect foreign network interconnection partners and the customers they supply to our gas network.

Natural gas as a bridge into a new era: Demand for shipping capacity is increasing

By 2030, the demand for natural gas shipping capacity in our whole network will be one quarter higher than the demand today.
In Baden-Württemberg it will be even more than 30 percent.
The region needs natural gas as a bridge into a new era of climate-neutral energy supply – so that the phase-out of coal and nuclear power can be secured.
And we are setting the course for the future. We are already preparing our networks for the transmission of green gases. In the focus: hydrogen. 

Our gas pipelines:
Secured and well protected

The gas pipelines of terranets bw are located in a depth of 1.20 metres under the ground. To the right and left of the pipeline respectively, there is a safety area of up to 5 metres, the so-called protective strip. It is prohibited to build or dig in this area without our approval.

Our gas compressor stations:
Reliable, also during peak loads

When gas is transported over long distances it loses pressure on the way. In order to compensate this pressure loss, gas compressor stations are used. Gas molecules are squeezed tightly together and compressed to a higher pressure using turbines. This process means that the gas can again be transported over long distances. For example, from Ulm to Lake Constance.

Two compressor stations on our gas pipeline network ensure – in the Karlsruhe and Ulm regions – that the gas reaches consumers on time even when demand is at its highest. Due to constantly increasing gas shipping demand, a further station is currently being built near Rheinstetten. 

Learn more about the project

Our underground storage facility:
Unique in Germany

Since 2015, we have been ensuring additional system stability through our undergound natural gas storage facility in Sandhausen in the Heidelberg region. Two further underground storage facilities are connected to our pipeline network. 

The gas is stored underground in a rock mass with cavities (so-called aquifers) and withdrawn when needed – a safe, environmentally-friendly and technically proven method for storing gas.

In Germany, terranets bw is the only transmission system operator that operates an underground storage facility in its own network.

How a gas pipeline is built

terranets bw has more than 60 years´ experience planning, building and operating high-pressure gas pipelines. Here we show you how a new pipeline is built in fewer than seven minutes.

Welcome to our customer section for gas topics

Our pipeline network forms the basis of all our services related to gas transmission. In our customer section, you will find all relevant information. Here you can discover more about technical data, network connection, network access, capacities and much more.

To the customer section for gas topics

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