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Results of the hydrogen demand survey underline necessity for speedy development of a hydrogen network

Results of the hydrogen demand survey in Baden-Württemberg conducted by broad alliance under the patronage of the Federal State of Baden-Württemberg | Growing demand well before 2030 reported | Important contribution of CO2 neutral hydrogen to the security of supply and climate neutrality in Baden-Württemberg long term

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Stuttgart, 07.11.2023 This summer, under the patronage of the Federal State of Baden-Württemberg, a broad alliance initiated a campaign to determine future hydrogen demand. Numerous companies participated and reported their hydrogen demand. This demand will arise well before 2030. In the subsequent years, the demand will increase rapidly.

"The gradual repurposing of our natural gas pipelines for hydrogen creates the conditions required to phase out coal and natural gas in our state", explains Katrin Flinspach, Managing Director of the gas transmission system operator terranets bw. "Alongside electricity from renewable energy, CO2 neutral hydrogen will also make a significant contribution to the security of supply and climate neutrality here in Baden-Württemberg – in power stations that generate electricity, in industry, in the transport sector and in the heating market."

"A powerful infrastructure is the prerequisite for a climate neutral energy supply", emphasises Flinspach. "For specific implementation planning, we need reliable data".

Under the patronage of the federal state, a campaign to determine future requirements for hydrogen has been taking place over the past months. With the platform H2BW, the Centre for Solar Energy and Hydrogen Research Baden-Württemberg (ZSW), the gas transmission system operator terranets bw, the Baden-Württemberg Chamber of Industry and Commerce as well as additional industry and trade associations, a broad alliance participated in the campaign. The campaign, which ran over the summer with numerous events in cooperation with the Baden-Württemberg Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK BW), showed an impact. Just under five hundred companies as well as regional grid operators registered their requirements on the terranets bw "Hydrogen Initiative for Baden-Württemberg" website

Overview of the results:
- Numerous companies as well as regional grid operators register their hydrogen demand: 
almost five hundred entries reach terranets bw. In comparison with previous studies and surveys, it is clear that the registered short, medium and long-term hydrogen demand is significantly higher than shown in earlier studies and surveys.
- Rapid growth in demand: In total, companies and regional grid operators in Baden-Württemberg report hydrogen requirements of more than three terawatt hours (TWh) in 2024; more than 22 TWh in the year 2030, more than 69 TWh in the year 2035 and finally more than 85 TWh in the year 2040.
These figures are slightly below the data published by the state of Baden-Württemberg, which is based on an assessment of the ZSW and includes a mark-up for the transport sector.

On 09. November 2023, 09:00 h, campaign partners present the results. Registrations are possible at

"The results show that Baden-Württemberg, as an economically strong region, can only successfully navigate the energy transition with large volumes of hydrogen", states Flinspach, summarising the results. Even with a considerable ramp-up of renewable energies, Germany will continue to be dependent on energy imports. The reason: Germany´s energy consumption is many times greater than the generation possibilities. Pipelines will connect production sites with consumption regions. Hydrogen is to be transported via several routes to southern Germany. "As an operator of transmission pipelines", adds Managing Director Flinspach, "we at terranets bw are working at full speed to ensure the required connections to the emerging German and European hydrogen network. "The existing gas transmission system constitutes the core of our planning. Since gas pipelines are fundamentally well suited for transporting hydrogen, the hydrogen network is to be developed mainly using the existing pipelines. This means that new construction works are largely avoided, which considerably accelerates the development of the hydrogen network. "The future hydrogen demand identified in the campaign clearly shows that we have to implement the hydrogen core network as fast as possible. Politicians are now called upon to create a reliable long-term framework for the required investments", concludes Flinspach.

More information on the results of the demand campaign is available shortly at

More information on the hydrogen activities run by terranets bw is available at

About terranets bw GmbH
terranets bw is an independent transmission system operator for gas. With its approximately 2,750 km long high-pressure gas pipeline grid, terranets bw guarantees the non-discriminatory transmission of gas from Lower Saxony to Lake Constance. terranets bw provides its customers with a broad range of services related to gas transmission and telecommunication infrastructure. Approximately 300 employees work for the company in nine locations in Baden-Württemberg and Hessen.

"Hydrogen for Baden-Württemberg" - an initiative of terranets bw
With its "H2 for BW" initiative, terranets bw is committed to connecting Baden-Württemberg to the German and European hydrogen infrastructure. On the platform, terranets bw openly presents its plans, specific implementation projects and determines future hydrogen requirements. Together with grid operators and hydrogen producers, the company is working on reliable transport routes from the sources to the consumption hotspots in Baden-Württemberg.