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Hazardous Incident Ordinance info. for Sandhaus Gas Storage Facility & Natural Gas Safety Data Sheet


Calculating your CO2 emissions factors and calorific value (Hu)

You are an operator of systems that are subject to emissions trading? In this case, you are obliged to calculate your emissions according to section 5 of the Greenhouse Gas Emissions Trading Act (German: TEHG) and based on the Monitoring Ordinance (German: MVO) and then report them to the German Emissions Trading Authority (German: DEHSt). 

Monitoring methods must be described in a system-specific monitoring plan that serves as a basis for emission monitoring and reporting. Among others, the calculation factors "lower calorific value (Hu)" and "emission factor" are required to calculate the CO2 emissions from natural gas. 

We would be happy to provide you with this service: based on your gas property parameters (at least calorific value, standard density and CO2 mass fraction) we determine the CO2 emissions factor and the lower calorific value of your gas. 

Determining calculaton factors is based on the calculation procedure set out in the DVGW Code of Practice G 693. Pursuant to the Gas Cooperation Agreement you will receive the gas quality values needed for the calculation , namely calorific value, standard density and CO2 mass fraction, from your gas grid operator on a monthly basis.

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