Gas network

We ensure a reliable supply – from Lower Saxony to Lake Constance.

Telecommunications network

Our fibre optics network provides a telecommunications infrastructure with strong broadband performance.

The future of energy

We are preparing our networks for the transmission of climate-neutral, green gases and hydrogen.

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Current gas supply situation

As an operator of critical gas supply infrastructure, we would like to inform you about the current situation. 

Hydrogen initiative for BW

We are committed to connecting Baden-Württemberg to the European hydrogen infrastructure.

Emergency no. +49 711 7812 1220

Hazardous Incident Ordinance info. for Sandhaus Gas Storage Facility & Natural Gas Safety Data Sheet

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We connect. Energy. Securely.

Your partner for the safe and secure transmission of gas and data

Welcome to terranets bw: We stand for the secure, efficient and environmentally-friendly transmission of gas and data. With extensive gas pipelines, a powerful fibre optics network and a comprehensive service portfolio. Discover more about us.

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Gas | Telecommunications | Services 

We create the networks for your data communication.
In Baden-Württemberg and worldwide.

We do not only operate a comprehensive gas transport network, but also a highly efficient communications infrastructure.

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Telecommunications for customers

Gas | Telecommunications | Services 

Our services: reliable and field-tested

We offer you a comprehensive portfolio of technical services that have been tried and tested, time and time again.

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Gas | Telecommunications | Services 

We transport your gas. Independently and securely.

With a powerful transmission system, we ensure a reliable supply – from Lower Saxony to Lake Constance.

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Gas network for customers

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Demand surveys for an efficient hydrogen infrastructure

Information on the development of generation and consumption hubs is essential for the design of efficient energy networks. From February 7 to March 22, 2024, two national surveys were conducted to determine demand and generation capacities, which will be incorporated into the Germany-wide, integrated planning of electricity and gas networks (CH4 and H2). The aim: to build a sustainable hydrogen infrastructure.

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H2 for BW | Flow | RHYn Interco 

Flow - making hydrogren happen. The pipeline for hydrogen stretching from northeast to southwest.

With the "making hydrogen happen” project, the so-called Flow project, GASCADE, ONTRAS and terranets bw are planning a high-performance pipeline system for green hydrogen. Existing infrastructure will be used to connect international hydrogen markets with industrial customers in Europe. First pipeline sections could be converted as early as 2025 already, thus providing a significant building block in the European hydrogen ramp-up and the energy transition.

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H2 for BW | Flow | RHYn Interco 

Cross-border transport of hydrogen: RHYn Interco connects France and Baden-Württemberg from 2028. 

Together with the French gas infrastructure operator GRTgaz and the distribution system operator bnNETZE, terranets bw is working on a cross-border transmission system for hydrogen. From 2028, the Upper Rhine region should thus gain access to the first H2 grid in Baden-Württemberg, which will transport hydrogen to 100 %.

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H2 for BW | Flow | RHYn Interco 

The future of energy.

By transporting hydrogen and climate-neutral green gases, we are securing the future of energy in our country.

"Hydrogen for Baden-Württemberg" initiative

With our initiative, we are committed to connecting Baden-Württemberg to the European and national hydrogen infrastructure.

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Network development projects

We are constantly developing our infrastructure, thus guaranteeing a continued secure supply of energy.

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Current information

Anlage pumpt Erdgas in andere Leitungsabschnitte um und reduziert Emissionen

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Die transparente und partnerschaftliche Zusammenarbeit mit den Verteilnetzbetreibern ist terranets bw ein besonderes…

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Einen Baustein für das Energiesystem der Zukunft kennenlernen – das bietet terranets bw am 22. Juni allen Interessierten…

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Discover what we are doing to ensure the protection of people, nature and information.

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We are working today on the secure supply of energy for tomorrow. With close customer relations and a strong team.

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Are you curious about the energy industry and wish to make a difference in the world? We offer you a dynamic working environment and a crisis-proof job. Join us in shaping the energy transition!

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